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Why another todo-app? Why even two?

We love the freedom of choosing a calendar app, according to our needs and subjective feeling. Almost all calendar apps use the CalendarProvider as data storage and so you have all events in every app. Android calendar (storage) is cool and there are much cooler calendar apps in the market! The data model of calendars and events are quite similiar to the iCalendar specification.

Todo apps are a mess! Every todo app has its own, proprietary data storage. We can not use different apps to show the same todos (e.g. one to add new todos, one to organize them, and a widget for a quick view). And if you want to switch to another app, you have to retype all content into the new one. You even have to type it into your phone with a tiny soft-keyboard!

The todo-suite wants to transfer the benefits of the Android calendar to your todo-lists:

  • One shared todo storage, free and open-source as the most part of Android, accessible from all Android apps (3rd party editors, sync-tools, widgets), with a data model comparable to the VTODOS from the iCalendar specification and syncable!
  • An open-source todo-editor: Fast to use, uses the todoprovider as database, with a modern Android user-interface.

The parts and snapshots (apk):

Information for ICSSync users: Installing the TodoProvider will automatically engage ICSSync to also sync the VTODOS contained in your iCalendar.

You need two apps:

  • TodoProvider: The backend without any user interface. Here all todos and todo-lists will be stored. It is comparable to the calendar storage from Android.
    Download todoprovider-api14-snapshot.apk
  • TodoLab: The todo and todo-list editor. This is the app you see to edit all your todos. It is the reference implementation of an todo-editor app for the TodoProvider.
    Download todolab-api14-snapshot.apk

Whats already implemented:

Roadmap for version 0.2.0 (alphabetical order).
(any other)---

If under sync, the todo-lists correspond to the iCalendars under sync.


  • Developers are welcome: The todo-suite is open source and published under the Apache 2 License.
  • Pre-requirements: Java 6, Maven >= v.3.0.3, Android Development Kit (with installed packages for API Level 14).
  • Checkout: (no credentials needed)
    svn co https://dev.nightlabs.org/svn/public/android/todo/trunk/ todo-suite
  • Go into your checked out folder:
    cd todo-suite
  • Build it: Tip: Emulator must run if you do not skip the tests.
    mvn clean install android:deploy
  • Contribute: Please contact us via email for commitment rights. We use SVN, Maven and Jenkins.
  • Build upon: If you would like to write your own cool UI todo app and make use of the TodoProvider, you might want to use our "org.nightlabs.android.todo.model" project (contains POJO objects and convenience code to access the content-provider). You can include the lib (*.jar), use the maven dependency or checkout and use our code directly.