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Test Environment & How to send useful bug reports:

Test your ICSSync installation:

We have created a test-environment, where we put a calender which should be able to sync optimally on every device with ICSSync. Please install ICSSync and add the following feed (of course you can connect via Thunderbird as well).

URL: https://dev.nightlabs.org/svn/calendartest/test.ics

Validate your own calendars:

To check your own iCalendar you should use one of the following validators:

Let us reproduce your problem:

Before you go on: Please take a look in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and verify that your bug is not described there.

In most cases it's useful to talk about the same server-connection AND the same *.ics file. If you have a problem, please reconstruct such a file and show it to us. Please follow one of the suggested instructions:

Via SVN (for hackers, developers, ...):

  • Minimize your problematic ICS file to the minimum amount of event entries (VEVENTs)
  • Obfuscate your data (e.g. "bank robbery" --> "test1"). Caution: This calendar will be made public!
  • Connect to https://dev.nightlabs.org/svn/calendartest/ (username, password as above) and upload this file with your preferred SVN-Tool (Eclipse, KDE-SVN, TourtoiseSVN, ...). Please choose a proper file name, e.g. https://dev.nightlabs.org/svn/calendartest/test-XY.ics; where XY could be your initials.

With Thunderbird-Lightning, iCal, Outlook, ... (very easy):

  • Create a new network calendar in the iCalendar format. Set the location to https://dev.nightlabs.org/svn/calendartest/test-XY.ics; where XY could be your initials and the file name does not yet exist. (username, password as above).
  • Caution: This calendar will be public!!!
  • Modify this calendar according to your problem (e.g. add events, set time zone, ...). Please keep the amount of entries to minimal necessary.

After publishing:

  • Please go to this URL with your browser to check whether it has uploaded properly (username, password as above).
  • Reproduce the problem with your Android device (username, password as above). If the error could not be reproduced this might help you to find your problem. Please feel free to send us your experiences that you think are worth to be distributed to other users!
  • Report this URL and your problem to us as soon as possible. The server will set up a fresh environment every night.

Please attach the following information to your bug report:

  • Version of ICSSync. In the app "menu-->About" shows it.
  • Version of Calendar Storage (CalendarProvider): "Settings --> Applications --> Manage Applications --> All" (e.g. 2.2 or greater)
  • Version of Android: "Settings --> About Phone --> Software Information"; Software Number, Build Number
  • Some informations about your device: Hardware, branding from which provider, software modifications (special Android distribution / ROM), rooted?, ... would be nice, as perhaps some other similarities will or already have occurred to other users.
  • Informations about the WebDAV provider or server to which you want to sync.

eMail us:

Write an email with all described stuff from above to us: "support AT icssync DOT com"

Thank you very much! All your effort will safe a lot of time and trouble to other users and helps us making ICSSync a better tool for you! An app like ICSSync, which shall interact with very different systems in the net, would never be possible without the helping hands of its users. We really appreciate your merits!