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List of service providers

File provider:

  • Dropbox or similar file based providers:
    • Create an iCalendar in your Dropbox-folder (e.g. use Thunderbird-Lightning) and let it sync to the cloud.
    • Sync with your Android Dropbox app and search for the synced calendar file.
    • Click on the calendar file: depending on the app a menu with a link to ICSSync opens or it will skip this step and lead you directly to the configuration for your next sync entry!
    • Sync this newly created calendar with ICSSync.
    • Add entries to your calendar with your calendar app. After the next sync with ICSSync the Dropbox app will start magically and sync your new events into the cloud.

List of providers supporting iCalendar via WebDAV:

As a lot of people ask of support according to several WebDAV services we just want to list those where we have some feedback from our users. The list comes in alphabetic order, without any warranty nor does it raise any claim to completeness.

You are missing one provider or GroupWare? Please contact us via support AT icssync DOT com!

ProviderWorks with ICSSync?CostComments
CloudSafe+freesince ICSSync v1.0.3 (on Android <2.3: set option "skip certificate check")
DropDav+?Use http:// for URL (caution: unencrypted!)
EPOKO+freeGerman calendar service
ToodleDoread-onlyfreeUse https:// for URL
Ubuntu-One+freeHow-To (Thanks to Ted!)

| Citadel | + | free | Use http://your.citadel.server/groupdav/calendar/calendar.ics |

  • Cost:  Minimal cost under all offers to keep in sync with a PC and an Android device.


ProviderWorks with ICSSync?Comments
Citadel+Open-source, GNU General Public License