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How to

Before you can use ICSSync you need an existing ICS-calendar on a server. If you don't have yet created one, please do so before you proceed:

How to use ICSSync (1-5 minutes):

  1. Install the ICSSync app on your device.
  2. Setup one sync-feed per ICS-file (button "Add feed").
  3. Sync this feed manually to test your configuration (long tap on you feed -->"Sync feed")
  4. optional: set up the global preferences: "menu-button --> settings"
  5. Go to your preferred calendar app and see all events. :-)

Desktop programs for ICS calendars:

  • Mozilla Calendar Project (Thunderbird Lightning, Sunbird) (Linux, Mac, Windows) (how-to)
  • Evolution (Linux, GTK)
  • KOrganizer (Linux, KDE)
  • iCal (Mac)
  • Microsoft Outlook (Windows) (how-to)
  • ...

Server (WebDAV / SVN):

If you do not own a WebDAV or an SVN server or have no access to any, then you can setup one by yourself (for experienced users only):

  • How to install SVN for WebDAV. A short tutorial for advanced linux-users, who want to setup their own SVN-server for WebDAV use.
  • How to set up Subversion on Ubuntu Linux: manual, de-manual
  • If you are a private person and you do not have a server, you might want to use dynDNS. Many consumer routers support Dynamic DNS, so you can easily configure and use your own available hardware.
  • Please be informed that we do not support questions on the installation of SVN or dynDNS. Thanks!