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Unlocker related questions

About the Unlocker:

  • Where can I get the Unlocker?  Currently ICSSync Unlocker is available on the Google-Android-market (credit-card) and on AndroidPIT (PayPal, Click&Buy, vouchers). Please do not ask for private bank transfers / sending the Unlocker via email, as it is technical impossible regarding to the license checks.
  • To purchase: Do not remove ICSSync, just additionally install the ICSSync Unlocker. The Unlocker is a minimal app without any user interface, so it's normal that you can not open it and there is no app icon in most app lists.

Problems on unlocking / Checklist:

  • Google Market App / (AndroidPIT) App Center (depends where you have bought the Unlocker):
    • Market app must be installed during app usage (needed for license checks, even after installation).
    • Market app must have valid credentials during app usage.
    • Special case "1&1 Apps" installed (market app of a german provider): This app sends its license check requests also against the AndroidPit servers. Please try adding the AndroidPit username and password here.
  • ICSSync and ICSSync Unlocker are both installed?
  • To unlock initially (if it did not yet unlock itself): Go to the "purchase" activity and press the "refresh" button OR wait for the first auto-sync OR sync manually.
  • Task-Killer apps installed? ICSSync needs its background service, broadcast-receivers and the ContentProvider of the unlocker. You can use the app 'OS Monitor' to check if they are all available. BTW: It's snakeoil.
  • Restart your device: If a service of ICSSync or the Unlocker was disturbed, you can regain normal conditions after restart.
  • If unlocking does not work right after purchasing (in most cases it does), there could be a caching problem (the license will not be checked against the license-servers every time over the internet). So please wait a while (hours) and try "refresh" again!
  • On check (when refresh button is pressed or ICSSync tries to sync) there must be a internet connection and the check will need some seconds. It could be useful to close the app via the "exit" button and to start it again.
  • No need to worry: All problems regarding the Unlocker (since Juli 2011) were self-induced and solved by its users.
  • On any further problems:
    1. Read the FAQ and this site again.
    2. Read Test Environment & How to send useful bug reports
    3. Problem still unsolved? Feel welcome to contact us via email!